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From the desk of Rick Lavoie, a member of the Professional Advisory Board of Learning Disabilities:

One of the consistent complaints of parents is "My child never talks to me about school!" This lack of communication is understandable if you notice where and when most parents choose to initiate conversations with their kids. To illlustrate, consider the following.

Mike runs breathlessly off the school bus, across the lawn, and into the house. He barrels into his bedroom, sheds his backpack, grabs his skateboard, and heads out to meet his friends at the new track they have built at Jim's house.

As he runs through the kitchen, Mom asks, "How was school?"

"Ok!" Mike yells over his shoulder as he slams the screen door behind him.

Mom chose the wrong time and place to initiate a dialogue with Mike.

Do you want to know the details of your child's day at school? Talk to them at bedtime, and you'll get all the information you want. If bedtime is 9:30, come to the room 5-10 minutes early and casually ask, "So, what happened at school today?" Prepare yourself for a detailed summary of the day's activities. Why will this work? Because a child usually doesn't want to go to bed! Even a school-related conversation with Mom is usually preferable to "lights out."

Try it. It works!


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