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From the desk of Rick Lavoie, a member of the Professional Advisory Board of Learning Disabilities:

Many kids with learning disabilities have a deficit in revisualization: an inability to recall an image in their mind. For example, if I say "Eiffel Tower", you can recall what the Parisian landmark looks like by picturing it in your mind.

A deficit in revisualization makes it difficult for a child to spell because they are unable to picture the word in their mind.

A deficit in revisualization also makes it difficult for a child to perform an everyday task like cleaning their room correctly because they are unable to picture the goal — the clean room — in their mind. This is comparable to attempting to complete a jigsaw puzzle without first knowing what the finished puzzle will look like.

What is the solution for a deficit in revisualization?

With regard to cleaning a room, take photographs of the clean room from several angles, and post the photos on the child's bulletin board for them to refer to while cleaning. This strategy compensates for the child's inability to revisualize — and prevents the weekly battle "...and don't come out until that room is clean!"

With regard to spelling, there are techniques that the educator conversant in learning disabilities can apply to help your child learn to spell.

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