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"Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence." --Plato

The Underachiever


They said he was lazy.

He looked sleepy. He performed apathetically. And he was difficult to train.

But before long, a man with a gentle, understanding nature saw the potential that lay dormant within. The man demonstrated that he truly believed in the horse.continue reading...

Look At the Whole Child


A person has a learning problem if they consistently make more mistakes than the average person, or they must consistently work longer or harder than the average person.

If this is true of your child, you may wish to ask the following questions.continue reading...



Many kids with learning disabilities have a deficit in revisualization: an inability to recall an image in their mind. For example, if I say "Eiffel Tower", you can recall what the Parisian landmark looks like by picturing it in your mind.

continue reading...

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