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Our goal is to stay abreast of the latest developments in educational techniques and to offer those techniques that seem promising for our students.

A number of programs assist the teacher through interactive computer software that presents information, records responses, and evaluates performance.

We currently offer the following programs:


PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement)


PACE benefits average and high performers who seek to perform mental activities faster and more efficiently, as well as below average performers who have learning difficulties.

Under PACE, a student works for specific goals. A professional trainer conducts carefully sequenced activities to strengthen the student's weak areas. The training is designed to achieve maximum results in the shortest period of time.

PACE improves the following skills.

Concentration. The ability to ignore distractions in the room, for example, reading a book while another group is engaged in a discussion.

Comprehension and memory. The ability to understand more easily, for example, reading material on Monday and successfully passing a test of the material on Friday.

Word skills. The ability to sound out new words as required for reading and spelling.

Simultaneous and sequential processing. The ability to tackle complex tasks, for example, the ability to combine words into mental pictures while recalling past information.

Improvements in these skills will make learning easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

For more information about PACE, please visit www.ProcessingSkills.com.


LiFT (Listening Fitness Training)


Listening is a cornerstone for the development of many other skills, such as attention, motivation, self-control, reading, writing, speaking, and forming relationships. As a result, improved listening results in better learning, language, and communication skills.

LiFT is a gentle therapy that makes quantum leaps in student success in many areas, including learning disabilities and dyslexia.

LiFT improves listening skills by exercising the ear and stimulating the nervous system. It uses the student's voice together with pre-recorded music that is rich in high frequencies. The LiFT program focuses on both receptive and expressive listening.

LiFT was developed from the work of Paul Maudaule, who worked with Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. During the past 45 years, Tomatis has been a pioneer in developing a technique to work with listening difficulties.

For more information about LiFT, please visit www.ListeningFitness.com.


Learning Breakthrough

The Learning Breakthrough program develops and refines the basic brain organizations that are the foundation of all learning. The program achieves this using a unique balance stimulation device, the Belgau Balance Board. The program improves reading, vision, coordination, learning ability, and learning efficiency. Through this program, a person is able to do cognitive skills faster and with much less stress — skills such as thinking, spelling, reading, writing, calculating, understanding and remembering history, and appreciating the great contributions of scholarship.

The Learning Breakthrough program is essential for children and adults who want the competitive edge needed to succeed in the world today.

For more information about Learning Breakthrough, please visit www.balametrics.com.


Essential Learning Systems

Essential Learning Systems is an exciting new approach to learning disabilities, addressing the problem rather than the symptoms.

Essential Learning Systems is a sensory integration training program that alters sensory processing so that the student can more effectively handle information. Utilizing computer software, this program directly addresses the causes of learning frustration and frees up energy for the student to make the most of his-or-her learning environment.

The system uses the following techniques:

  • Interactive, multi-sensory, computer-aided instruction
  • Friendly responses
  • External stimulation of the language centers of the brain
  • Repetition to achieve mastery

For more information about Essential Learning Systems (ELS), please visit the Creative Education Institute at www.cei-waco.com.


The Academy of Reading

The Academy of Reading is an exceptional interactive package of educational software that takes a balanced approach to reading through reinforcing reading fundamentals and exposing students to the rewards of learning. Its diagnostic tools and comprehensive instructional programs make the Academy of Reading especially effective for emerging readers and those struggling to learn.

The Academy of Reading software concentrates on building a student's phonemic awareness, developing their decoding skills, and improving their comprehension. It can treat each of these skill sets independently, or combine them into a single, powerful training solution.

The Academy of Reading is based on two main concepts: task analysis and automaticity.

Task analysis breaks reading down into its components in order to exercise and strengthen the decoding skills of students.

Automaticity requires students to consistently and accurately recognize the fundamental elements of reading, in particular letters, syllables, and words. The goal is for the recognition process to become automatic.

The strength of the Academy of Reading program comes from its basis in award-winning research. Built on neuropsychological studies of the reading process, the Academy of Reading takes a unique approach to diagnosing learner needs, and it follows that diagnosis with appropriate training to address individual reading deficiencies.

Here are a number of the awards this program has received.

  • U.S. JTPS Presidential Award for Outstanding Training Program
  • Chapter 1 National Compensatory Education Program Award
  • Orton Dyslexia Society Award
  • Canadian Council for Exceptional Children Award
  • Al Maresh Award from the International Corrections Association
  • Curriculum Administrator Top 100 Products
  • SCOAP Award for Technology Leading Social Change
  • Media and Methods Magazine Awards Portfolio 2000

For more information about the Academy of Reading, please visit www.autoskill.com.

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