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Our goal is to stay abreast of the latest developments in educational techniques and to offer those techniques that seem promising for our students.

A number of programs assist the teacher through interactive computer software that presents information, records responses, and evaluates performance.

Academy Northwest

Academy Northwest is a Washington State accredited private school to assist families in home, private, or public education.


One-on-one tutoring entails an individually designed program that is tailored for the needs of the individual student in grade one through adult.

Specialized Programs

We offer many programs that cater to individual student needs and learning styles.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluation is available for students of age six through adult.

schoolboxSchoolBox Bookstore

The SchoolBox, the PLS bookstore, offers both new and used educational materials, toys, games, puzzles and gifts for for homeschoolers, professional educators, grandparents and parents.

You may sell materials on consignment. So bring in items that have been gathering dust on your bookshelves and that you would like to pass on to other families to assist them in their schooling needs.

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