Diagnostic Evaluations

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Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluation is available for students of age six through adult.

The purpose of an evaluation is to determine the level at which a student is functioning with respect to a given skill and to examine underlying issues that affect their learning ability.

Pacific Learning Solutions is equipped to test and evaluate individuals having difficulty with language skills, mathematic skills, and cognitive skills.

The evaluation of language skills covers speaking, reading, and writing, along with a special test for evaluating the tendency toward dyslexia.

The evaluation of mathematic skills covers basic concepts, operations, and the application of mathematics to real-world problems.

The evaluation of cognitive skills covers the following: processing speed, working memory, visual processing, auditory analysis, logic and reasoning, visual-auditory association, word identification, word attack skills, and reading comprehension.

A consultation follows an assessment in order to review the results and offer recommendations.


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