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Who We Are


Pacific Learning Solutions is owned and managed by Nola Smith, M.A., who established the enterprise in 1986 in Arlington, Washington.

We have grown through the years, and now include about 10 full-time and part-time staff, who serve in the following roles: teaching, tutoring, mentoring, facilitating, counseling, diagnostic evaluation, office administration, and retail store clerks. All personnel working with our students have been extensively trained in the methods that we use.

We also consult with people who seek to learn more about educational issues, along with techniques for addressing them. These people include parents, teachers, school counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians.

If you read the biographical statements, you'll notice expressions of devout faith in God and commitment to serving Jesus Christ. This faith and this commitment underlie our love of people and our deep desire to help people, which is what our enterprise is all about. Just the same, we do not teach religious faith in our classes, nor do we seek to convert a person from another faith, but we are open to discussing faith matters with students who may be interested.

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