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With enthusiasm, I can recommend to you Nola Smith as an education professional. Nola possesses an extraordinary range of both practical experience and in-depth academic knowledge. Nola's lifelong passion for quality education continuously guides her to strive to increase her knowledge and improve her skills. Nola is not easily withered by difficult learning cases. She approaches these issues in prayer. Nola's tutoring center Pacific Learning Solutions is known for its many success stories.

-Ron Keller, Former Pastor of the Arlington Assembly of God


I have observed Nola Smith in both a personal setting and in her leadership in teaching students and adults for over 13 years. I have been impressed by her personal qualities, by her expertise, and by the results she has acheived.

She is a very relational person that children and teenagers immediately take to. From the instant that people meet Nola, her enthusiasm motivates students to be excited about things that have seemed like drudgery to them in the past.

I hear report after report of remarkable improvement in scholastic achievement. I had no idea that a student's ability to learn could improve so quickly. Many students that I have known about have increased several grade levels in just a few months. I have personally witnessed students who were far behind their age-appropriate grade level become excited as they reach that grade level and even surpass their peers.

As a parent, if you have been frustrated and not known how to help your struggling son or daughter, now there is a place that can bring tangible results. To gain confidence that there is hope for your child, I encourage you to talk with Nola about your child and to obtain the names of parents whom you can speak with about their children's experiences at Pacific Learning Solutions.

I highly recommend Nola Smith and Pacific Learning Solutions to anyone struggling in school or other areas of learning.

-Greg White, Former Pastor of the Arlington Assembly of God church


"I have known Nola Smith for over 25 years, and I was privileged to be one of the supervisors in her Masters program while she was a graduate student at Azusa Pacific University from 1996 to 1997.

Since that time, she has developed a remedial education practice, helping many students who have not had adequate specialty education in the current school environment. As success in education is essential for survival in the highly technological world we live in, her contribution to so many students is vital to their success and the continued prosperity of our Nation."

-Raymond E. Vath, M.D., Psychiatrist in Bellevue, WA


I recommend Pacific Learning Solutions for any child who has difficulty learning in conventional school.

My son started at Pacific Learning Solutions in the ninth grade with help on history and English. Four years later, he graduated from Academy Northwest through the academic schooling program of PLS, with Nola Smith as his Teacher Consultant.

I can't put into words how thrilled and proud my husband and I are that Sam was able to complete all assignments and get his high school diploma. As for Sam, he has the satisfaction of feeling like a success instead of a failure.

Speaking from experience, I feel that through Pacific Learning Solutions your child has a good chance of success — which is worth everything.

- Cheryl Judd, Parent


"My son has attended Pacific Learning Solutions tutoring classes since November 2005. His study habits have improved tremendously! I no longer have to hover over him and prod him every step of the way. It is so wonderful to ask him about an assignment and to hear that he is working on it or has finished it. He is taking full responsibility. For the first time he is showing a mature attitude toward life. I especially enjoy seeing him happy, relaxed, and responsible toward his schoolwork."

-Susan Lang, parent of 15-year old student


"I knew that my son could learn at a higher level, but I didn't get encouragement from his school. My son is unique and has hidden talents that need to be unlocked. As he has been growing up, I have noticed his abilities and intelligence, and I've wanted to find that hidden ability. With the help of Linda Newman Kennedy, Speech and Language Center, P.S., and the PACE program at Pacific Learning Solutions, we are seeing a huge difference in our son's ability to use language.

-Susan Beisner, Parent of 11-year old student


As parents of three sons, we noticed that our third, as a toddler, was very different than his older brothers. However, it wasn't until he was in third grade that a teacher approached us suggesting the possibility of Aspergers Syndrome. After much research, we realized that he had many of the symptoms and behavior associated with Aspergers. Although we did not seek a professional diagnosis, we could see that he needed teaching expertise to enhance learning abilities and to minimize character oddities. Our son struggled not only academically but socially, as well, unable to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in social situations and conversations.

When our son was 11, we began the PACE program at Pacific Learning Solutions, knowing that the commitment involved a discipline of time and money. After completing 100 hours in the PACE program, we could see that something was changing inside his head — the way he thought, the way he acted, and the way he processed information. His greatest gains came in the areas of Logic Reasoning and Visual Processing.

We have also seen a big improvement in his self-esteem. His social mannerisms have been changing, and he seems more comfortable with himself and others. In the past he would seldom venture away with other kids and their families. But he has now formed closer relationships and wants to play at the homes of his friends and have his friends play at our home.

As a result of PACE, we believe that our son will be better equipped to deal with classroom learning and that he will experience more success in every area of his life.

We were very pleased with Nola's decision to select Leslie Platt as the PACE facilitator to work with our son. Leslie has been the perfect temperament and personality match to motivate our son to do his best and to achieve consistent performance improvement. He enjoyed his 1-hour sessions with Leslie and always came away upbeat with a beaming countenance. His self-esteem soared as he knew he had done well.

Thank you all at PLS for your caring professional help. The many hours given and the sacrifices made have been well worth the positive impact our family has received in exchange.

-Ed and Carol Sebbas, parents of 11-year-old student


PACE.  My daughter had completed about half of the PACE program when one day she made a comment about how well she did on a test at school that required memorizing. At that moment we both realized that the PACE program was helping her!

Tutoring.  Working with a math tutor once a week, my daughter was able to raise her grade from C to B and A-.

-Carol Bellon, parent of 16-year-old daughter


"Our son was unable to sing in rhythm or keep a beat before working with PACE and Interactive Metronome. After only two months of training, he is now able to sing in rhythm with us.

In addition, he has noticeably improved in his ability to manipulate numbers in his head and in his speed in grasping new concepts. He has also become a more fluent reader and is now reading more challenging material.

Finally, when he plays the educational computer games we have at home, his hand-eye coordination is better, and he is choosing more challenging games and beating them!"

-Elliot and Nora Fine, Parents of 14-year-old student


"Our son had special needs that were not being met in the public school system. IEP's, psychologist evaluations, and generalized testing all failed to identify what he truly needed. Fortunately, we learned about Pacific Learning Solutions.

The Essential Learning System intervention program at PLS launched him into a world where learning wasn't painful. He started to enjoy reading! The pride in his accomplishments was obvious. Nola Smith not only encouraged his ability to read, but his capacity to learn. She proved to him that he was able to succeed. The difference in his grades and demeanor was too great to ignore.

At the beginning of the next school year, we transferred our son to PLS for all of his core classes. It wasn't long before he was at grade level. With the homeschool extension program, it was a perfect match. One-on-one attention and total accountability taught him more than just academics.

I highly recommend Pacific Learning Solutions."

-Jackie Brown, Parent of 10 year old student


"I was very skeptical in the beginning, when I was introduced to the LiFT program. But, being a desperate parent, I decided to try the program.

Our son has been working with the LiFT program for 35 hours! His oral reading has improved; his confidence level in sports has blossomed; and he is able to carry on a conversation. The progress in his grades has been more than noticeable. When I would ask our son questions about his day, school, or life in general, his responses were one word answers. And the conversation would only go as far as I pursued it. Now he talks with us. He speaks in sentences with more description, not in fragments. And he is a lot more cooperative at home.

Our son tends to see things as stupid, becomes frustrated and will quit. Through PLS we've been able to work through this issue. Our son is now able to complete things. This gives him a higher sense of self-esteem.

I've searched to find a solution for our son since grade school. The LiFT program has worked, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has a struggling student. Not only have we seen vast improvements in our son's academics and social life, but in our family.

Our son is enrolled to begin the PACE program after his completion of LiFT."

-Karla Evans, Parent of 14-year-old student


"Six years ago our son Tyson [10 years old at the time] was struggling in school getting C's and D's. For two years we sent him to a tutoring chain and saw no marked improvement. For the last two years he has been attending Pacific Learning Solutions one hour a day, four days a week.

Tyson's grades are now for the most part A's and B's, with the occasional C. So impressed were we with PLS, we started sending our daughter Tayna there last year as well, with the same results.

Both our children are ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] and have been on medication for several years. Tyson, with the help of the PLS staff, has improved to the point where he has stopped taking any medication this year and continues to improve.

My wife and I can't say enough good things about PLS. Our only regret is we didn't start our children there much sooner."

-Tim Dehnhoff, Parent


"My son Jesse, who is almost 21 years old, took last semester off from his studies at Linfield College and participated in the PACE and LiFT programs offered through Pacific Learning. All of his life, Jesse has struggled with concentration and a mild form of dyslexia that has hampered his ability to study and retain written material. Although very intelligent, Jesse has had to work hard to do well in school. He has had little or no interest in reading for pleasure or knowledge.

Since participating in these programs, there has been a very noticeable change in Jesse. In the last few months, he has taken an interest in reading various books on finance and investing. More noticeable is the fact that he is retaining what he reads and is excited about discussing what he has learned. Jesse has always been confident when it comes to things he is good at; now that confidence is beginning to be reflected in his approach to learning and growing through the written word.

Jesse is looking forward to his next semester at Linfield which begins in September. We are quite sure that his newly acquired skills will serve him well and make his learning experience much more enjoyable.

-Ken Childress, parent of college-age son


"Hi! My name is Sue Stephenson and last summer (2002) my niece, Christina, came to live with us. During the first month of September I figured we were in a learning curve at school and Christina was just getting used to new surroundings, new friends, new everything. Then October and November came, and she was still having trouble writing things down in her planner, and her work was often left in her desk at school because she thought she had completed it, when actually it was only half done.

We noticed some attention problems and began researching ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and dyslexia. Her dad was diagnosed with ADD as an adult and her mom had dyslexia. During winter break I decided that she needed more help than I was able to give her. In January we asked the school for help, but no one could tell me where to go to get Christina tested for dyslexia.

Finally, a substitute teacher let me know about Pacific Learning Solutions. By the end of January she had taken some tests, and we finally had some answers to why she was having trouble in school. Her instructional reading level, comfort reading level, phonics level, and listening level were all at the third grade equivalent. However, Christina was in the fifth grade. After talking with Nola Smith, we decided to put Christina in the LiFT Program, and then the PACE program.

The LiFT program taught Christina how to be able to become more focused when someone is talking to her, and now she actually remembers what is said. Then Christina started the PACE program one month before school ended, and not only did her school teacher see a remarkable improvement, but her ballet instructor noticed that Christina was able to focus more in class.

Christina's grades at the beginning of the year were all C's and C-'s, with a reading test score at the third grade level. After one month with the LiFT program, her grades were raised one half to one whole grade, and her teachers' comments were, “Christina is showing progress in her class work; she is taking pride and responsibility for turning homework in, completing assignments on time, and is able to focus on her work.” By the end of the school year, Christina had raised all of her grades by one and a half levels or more, even earning an A in spelling. Her reading test score was now at the fifth grade level. However, the greatest surprise was still to come.

Christina won the President's Award for Educational Achievement. This award is only given to one girl and one boy in each fifth grade class and is presented to the students who show outstanding academic achievement throughout the school year. The award is signed by the President of the United States and the United States Secretary of Education.

We are so proud of Christina for all her accomplishments this year, and we know that she couldn't have done it without the help of everyone at Pacific Learning Solutions. We thank God every day for Nola Smith and her staff."

-Sue Stephenson, Aunt to 5th grade student


The PACE Program has greatly improved the life of our daughter.  The changes that have taken place in her have made us so proud.  These changes in Olivia are not just in her school related learning abilities, but are also in her daily living and relating abilities.  Her improved confidence and vision for what is possible to achieve have truly blessed our family.  We are full of hope for her future.  PACE has shown to change what we weren’t sure could be changed.  It is now a part of our family time.  Playing the games and exercising our minds along with hers has proven to be lots of fun!

-Julia Treppens, Proud Mom of Olivia

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